Quick Facts about Self Storage

on 14 October 2014
Undercover Self Storage

When most people think about self-storage, they imagine large air conditioned spaces used to store old furniture. While this use is a true and popular use for storage units, there's a lot more to these facilities than the average person may think. Here are a few quick fact about self-storage:

  • Self-storage is often seen as only useful to those who live in an apartment. But in fact, 68% of all self-storage renters live in a single family household, while 27% live in an apartment.
  • Furthermore, 65% of all self-storage renters even have garages at their homes, but still opt to rent a self-storage unit for extra space. Also, studies show 47% of self-storage users have an attic, and 33% have a basement.
  • Self-storage doesn't simply have to be a garage-like box to store furniture and unused clothes... There are, in fact, many different types of facilities, including units that are air-conditioned, accessible by car, covered and uncovered, inside and outside.
  • Outdoor units can be a great off-season option for boats, vehicles, RV's, motorcycles, and more.
  • Self-storage unit are not only for personal use. Many businesses and their owners use units to hold equipment, supplies, and even sensitive documents.

People use self-storage for all sorts of different reasons, and it isn't limited to individuals moving from house to house or simply downsizing. If you are interested in other ways that self-storage may help de-clutter and improve your living, call Undercover Self Storage today at (734) 354-9855.